Rehabilitative Dentistry

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It is the process of rebuilding or restoration of all teeth in the lower and upper jaw. This won’t only suitable for the patient who lost all teeth and in need of complete dentures but also applicable for the patient to repair multiple teeth problems. This treatment undergoes several procedure and most important is fixing 6 to 8 implants on both the upper and lower jaw.

Full Mouth Rehablitation can be done with the help of

  • Crowns & Bridge Work
  • Onlays & Overlay
  • Complete Or Partial Dentures
  • Precision Attachments
  • Implants

Are you neglecting your oral health for a number of years? Expert dentists at Dr. Khullar’s Dental Clinic will do all that you need for restoring your oral health. We are known for our professional services for full mouth rehabilitation in Mohali.

Patients suffering from multiple dental problems are found looking for full mouth reconstruction services by the expert dentists. This is because with time, their inability to chew food, the sensitivity of their teeth towards hotness or coldness, gum related problems and even aesthetic appeal get lost.

At Dr. Khullar’s Dental Clinic, we will plan your mouth reconstruction by taking into account prime concerns related to your oral health and individual desires of smile restoration.

  • Indications for reorganised approach are
  • loss of vertical dimension,
  • repeated fracture/failure of teeth or restorations,
  • severe bruxism, lack of interocclusal space for restorations,
  • trauma from occlusion,
  • unacceptable function and esthetics,
  • presence of temporomandibular disorders or developmental anomalies


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